PDX Group Mentoring (一期)

As a follow up to the youth conference, we have set up a small WeChat group, which will just open to the students (not the parents at this moment) who have attended the conference. We can talk about school, ECs, volunteering, social issues, politics… We will invite a few parents who are experienced in mentoring students to join us in this group. The group discussion won’t be structured and we will just pick up a subject and have a meaningful discussion among ourselves when the topic comes out.

Mentoring Walk PDX (annual event organized by high school students)

The Global Mentoring Walk convenes established women leaders and emerging women leaders to walk together in their community. As they walk, they discuss their personal and professional challenges and successes to establish a mentoring relationship, in which the established leader guides, advises and supports an emerging leader. Held on the same day in countries across the world, the Mentoring Walk unifies the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network.

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Community Mentors

We encourage community members to become a mentor for our kids. Mentoring is always a huge gap in our community. We all know it but always lack of actions. Don’t need to be perfect, you can gain experience along the way. Nothing in this world can be more rewarded than growing up with the kids around you.

National Mentoring Month

The website is full of resources. Both mentors and mentees are encouraged to explore the site to get the most out of this experience.

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