Portland Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Day

2018 波特兰中国城中秋文化日活动


September 22, 2018, Saturday, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


NW Davis Festival Street (between NW 3rd Ave and NW 4th Ave)

Free Admission/免费入场

Partial List of Games and Activities/部分游戏活动

Focusing on hands-on games & activities, very kids friendly.

Lion Dancing 舞狮
Paper Cutting 剪纸
Handmade Figurines 面人制作
Make Lanterns 灯笼制作
Chinese Calligraphy 中文书法
Taiji Wushu 太极武术
Traditional Musical Instruments 传统乐器
Folk Dance 民间舞蹈
Chinese Poem Reading 古诗朗诵
Free On-site Acupuncture 现场针灸
Free Chinese Medicine Consulting 中医咨询
Free Fire Cupping 拔火罐
Mahjong 麻将
Diabolo 抖空竹
Waist Drum Dance 腰鼓
Variety of Children Games 各种民间儿童游戏
Try-on Traditional Chinese Clothing 汉服试穿

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