STEAM On Academy

STEAM academic program fills the academic and enrichment needs of the community by offering exceptional afterschool academic and project based learning experience. We focus on intensive homework help, overall academic enrichment experience and recreational activities in a safe and supportive learning environment.

We offer a wide variety of integrated programs. We will give our children a chance to expand on knowledge of disciplines in STEAM filed and beyond. Our programs are project-based, and help the kids to reinforce competencies required by the national educational standards and prepare for them to excellence in the fields of science, technology, engineer and mathematics . We also offer the programs in creative writing, public speaking, drama, languages, community service and more.

High‐tech jobs are the future of our economy. It is imperative for students to gain hands‐on education to become the work‐force of tomorrow. We aim at broadening our kids’ view of the world and the society they live in, to help them build skills and responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develop tech awareness and readiness for future development.

​Our Instructors  - Experienced subject teachers

  • College students
  • High school student scholars