About Us

Our Mission

To serve Chinese community with a shared vision and resources.

Our Vision

To build a connected and united Chinese community that embraces diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, political beliefs, and religious and cultural traditions.

Oregon Chinese Coalition is an IRS approved 501c(3) non-profit organization (TAX ID: 82-1027620).

Board of Directors

Hui Du

Ms. Du holds a M.S. degree in Statistics from the University of Chicago. She also received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University in 1996. She is passionate about education and giving back to her community, including working as volunteer Chinese language teacher for 10 years and hosting the first and largest social media group in northwest Portland to support the local Chinese community. She has two kids. Travel is her biggest hobby.

Qusheng Jin

Mr. Jin graduated from Nanjing University with BS degree in 1994 and then received his MS degree from Chinese Academy of Science and Ph.D. from UIUC. He has been a faculty in University of Oregon since 2005. As an Oregonian, biking is his biggest hobby. He and his wife have two sons, one enjoys swimming and the other is big fan of Youtube.

Eric Shi

Mr. Shi received his B.S. from Shanghai U. of Sci. & Tech. After he came to the U.S. in 1989, he has obtained his M.S. from Oregon State and attended OGI for management courses. He devotes his time to support and promote small/startup companies in product development and market penetration. Making himself a home in Oregon with his wife and two boys, he wishes to make use of his skillset and contribute to the good of the community.

Jue Shi

Mr. Shi graduated from Peking University with B.S. and M.S. degree, both in electrical engineering field. He was a senior electrical engineer, worked for 17 years in Maxim integrated products,inc. He loves technologies and organizes a tech solon for local engineers with weekly seminars on broad topics. He and his wife live in Portland, OR with two sons.

Miaolian Wang

Mrs. Wang earned Computer Science degrees from McMaster University (MS) and Central South University (BS). She has helped at CEC Chinese school as a teaching assistant, served at her children’s school as a board member on the parent-teacher committee, and devoted her time in various community services. She and her husband moved to Oregon 14 years ago. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Beaverton. She likes traveling, and socializing with friends.

Yan Wang

Ms. Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University with BA degree and then received MA degree in History from Peking University and MA degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University in 2009. She is an independent researcher and educator in the fields of Sinology and Asian American Studies. She and her husband live in Corvallis with two daughters. Like traditional Chinese literati, she enjoys Qin, Go, Calligraphy, and Painting with family and friends.

Zhunquin Wang

Mr. Wang graduated from Tsinghua University with a B.S and an M.S degree. He has been a software developer for Oracle since 1997. Meanwhile, he has been coaching world-class robotics teams for over a dozen years. He was also active in a local Boy Scout troop. His passion is to foster the holistic growth of future technology leaders. Zhunquin and his wife live in Portland with two boys. He loves camping, hiking, and coaching.

Karen-Peng Wu

Mrs. Wu has a BA in Genetics and an MBA. Utilizing her biotech background, she conducted research at Ceres, CalTech and OHSU. She works as an independent consultant last 8 years. Karen currently serves in a number of NPO’s in her community: Oregon Skating Council, Tech 4 Kids Club and USFSA, etc. Karen has been a Portlander for 14 years with her husband and two kids, she enjoys going on long walks and travelling.

Hongcheng Zhao

Mr. Zhao attended Peking University in China. He came to the States as a Visiting Scholar in Harvard University in 1989. He has been working in the healthcare industry for more than twenty years. He and his wife chose Portland to raise their family. They have three children who are all very passionate about community services and social justice.

James E. McCandlish

Mr. McCandlish graduated with honors from Harvard College in 1967. He then worked in the Peace Corps in central Africa. He received his law degree at Northwestern School of Law (Lewis & Clark). He served as staff co-counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee in Salem. He spent two years with the Metro Public Defender's office in Portland. He started his own firm in 1981, and joined forces with Mark Griffin in 1988.

Xuan Cheng

Xuan learned to dance at age of five and started to receive medals in many major ballet competitions from 2004, including Shanghai and New York International Ballet Competitions. She was the Gold medalist at 2006 National Taoli Cup Dance Competition in China.

Xuan performed in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. She joined Oregon Ballet Theatre as its female principal dancer in 2011.

She co-founded Oregon International Ballet Academy, where she shares her experience and passion to young dancers.

Raymond Chong

Raymond is Senior Roadway Manager with the Oregon Department of Transportation at Portland in Oregon. He is responsible for preliminary engineering of transportation improvement projects in Portland metro region.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Raymond is 6th generation Chinese American, with family roots in America extending back to California Gold Rush (1849 to 1855), Transcontinental Railroad (1865 to 1869), Boston Chinatown (1892 to 1926), Cambridge Imperial Restaurant (1923 to 1936), and Kubla Khan Theater Restaurant (1946 to 1950).

Jiamin Gao

Jiamin is often called 'Tai Chi Goddess' and 'Tai Chi Queen' in sports magazines. From 1989 to 1998, she was awarded numerous titles including ‘World Wushu Championship’. She won a total of 32 gold medals during the period. She is the first grand slam in world series and so far no one has ever gone beyond what she had achieved.

In 2016, during 'the Second World Tai Chi Chuan' in Warsaw, Poland, Jiamin was the United States team coach and deputy leader.

She is running U.S. Wushu Center in NW Portland.

Neil Lee

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Mr. Lee represents the American born Chinese community. An Architect by profession, he owns and operates LEEKA Architecture and Planning. Mr. Lee is also very active in the Chinese Community. He is currently holding the leadership positions in various Chinese organizations including CCBA, Bing Kong Tong Association, and Lee's Association. Mr. Lee is committed to improving and uniting our Chinese community through collaboration and cooperation despite language, political, and geographic barriers.

Maya Tadjiki

Maya was born in Chongqing, China. She was adopted in 2004 and lives with her family in Central Oregon. Maya has been an active board member of Education for Chinese Orphans for two years, including updating social media sites and sending emails to sponsors. She especially loves getting updated information and new photos of the orphans, and passing that on to sponsors. She hopes to go back to China someday to visit, along with her little sister, also born in China. In the meantime, Maya enjoys playing volleyball, movies with friends, and is an avid baker.

Andy Wong

Andy is the founder of Wong's King Seafood Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. He has a very long list of titles, including World Master Chef, China’s Golden Chef, Honorable Chairman of International Chef Association in France, The Top Entrepreneurs in China, Visiting Professor in Fujian Chef College, and member of China’s All-Star Chefs.

The Restaurant received many awards over the years, in particular, named as “Top 100 Chinese Restaurant in the U.S.A” for 4 years in a row. It is one of the most popular places to host community events.

Daphne Wu

Daphne, 2018 Chinese Rose Princess, is a junior at Sunset High School with a passion for not only books but also humanity, sports, performing arts and traveling. While maintaining a straight A at school, she enjoys volunteering around the community, going to the studio to practice ballet, or heading out to the tennis courts with friends.

She once practiced Rhythmic Gymnastics and won 1st place individual at a national competition. Currently she is a varsity tennis player for school’s team. She enjoys the process of pursuing whichever route that will make a positive impact to the people around her.

Ni Xu

Ni was a graduate from Beijing Film Academy, majoring in film script writing. He had an extensive experience in the film industry, working as a screenwriter, photographer, documentary and film director.

In 2012, Ni and his family came to the United States, eventually settled in Portland, hoping to do their part to record the revival of the Chinese community in Portland.

Ni’s wife, Faye, is a marketing guru, who was directly responsible for directing Portland Chinatown Saturday Performance series.

Kent Yu

Kent is the Principal & owner of Seft Consulting Group, specialized in earthquake and tsunami risk mitigation for buildings and infrastructure systems. He received MS from Tongji University in 1994 and PhD from UCSD in 1999. He is an adjunct professor at PSU and OSU. From 2007 to 2015, Kent also served in Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission and was its Chairperson for one term.

Kent has two kids. When he is not accompanying them, he enjoys socializing with friends. He also has hobbies in golfing and fishing.

Cheery Zhang

Cheery, a freshman at Westview High School, has practiced Guzheng since she was six. She came to the States when she was in the third grade. She was a member of the Tian Yun Girls' Group in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco. The girls regularly held Guzheng performances, participated in Chinese New Year celebrations, visited community senior centers. Three years later, she moved to Portland. In addition to continue her guzheng hobby, She started to show off her talents in painting and sports as well.

Yongtian Zhang

Yongtian is a Sr. Security Consultant in Kaiser Permanente. He graduated from USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) and received a Master degree in Information Security. His career covers Internet security, application security and network security. He is an enthusiastic community volunteer actively participating in all kinds of community services.

Alisha Zhao

Alisha, a junior and also Liman Fellow and Cameron Impact Scholar at Stanford University, was named one of the nation's 10 top teen volunteers in 2016, and one of Women of Worth honorees in 2018. She has created and led a nonprofit, Kids First Project, devoted to helping homeless youth break the generational cycle of poverty.

She was appointed by Mayor Hales to be the first high school student in history to serve as City of Portland’s Human Rights Commissioner.

Naomi Zhao

Naomi, graduated from OES in 2016, is a senior at Georgetown University. She is on the leadership team of Hoyas for Choice, an advocacy group for women's reproductive rights. She also tutors for STEM After School, a program to foster interest in STEM fields for low-income neighborhoods in D.C. This summer, Naomi is excited to be interning with Representative Ann Lininger, who represents District 38 in the Oregon House of Representatives. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, spinning, and spending time with friends.

Isabelle Zheng

Isabelle, a freshman at Harvard University, is the co-founder and executive director of Project Prelude, a non-profit organization she started with a fellow musician that provides free after-school group violin lessons to dozens of fourth- through sixth-graders in the Portland area. She is also a dedicated flutist in her youth orchestra, an advocate of youth entrepreneurship, and active club leader at her school.

Isabelle is the distinguished finalist for 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

Congratulations to following Chinese Americans who won national recognitions!

Marshall Scholarship

2020 Isaac Cui ’20 at Pomona College, from Beaverton News

Prudential Community Service Award National Honorees

2016 Alisha Zhao, Junior at Lincoln High School, from Portland News

Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) Top 10 Winners

2020 Rupert Li, Senior at Jesuit High School, from Portland News

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Winners

2016 Sophia Mautz, Junior at Lincoln High School, from Portland News