2021 Youth Art Contest

In collaboration with the Friends of Tualatin River NWRC and the Tualatin River NWRC

Jiayun Hu - Second Place

Colored pencils and markers

Group Level: Grade 10-12


The artwork describes my own experience of seeing a deer family walking through the road. While my mum and I were driving our car in my neighborhood, we saw a doe leading two fawns crossing the road. My mum stopped the car suddenly and watched them walk through safely. I was shocked for a moment, but this soon turned into a surprise. Because I never thought I could see a deer so closely one day in my life. They were only a few meters from our car! I used to think they were in the forest away from us, but in fact, I saw them in my neighborhood. My mum took a picture, and I decided to use my art skills to record this incredible movement. Throughout this experience, I feel like nature is actually close and associated with our human beings’ life.