2021 Youth Art Contest

In collaboration with the Friends of Tualatin River NWRC and the Tualatin River NWRC

Noah Bruch - Third Place

Charcoal/pastel sketch

Group Level: Grade 7-9


I have always been inspired by ideas of protecting wildlife and I’m also intrigued by the relationships of humans with animals. This past summer I spent a week in Yellowstone National Park and experienced the rare opportunity to view wild animals who live just like their ancient ancestors. This experience has made me realize how otherworldly nature is when untouched. The drawing shows an owl witnessing a life-or-death situation, watching one of its comrades being hunted by a human. The drawing could also be perceived as the owl having its mind ruined with the only thing it sees: how humans kill (human cruelty from the owl’s perspective). It spreads awareness on how we aren’t the only ones on this planet. We have to take actions to help conserve and restore ecosystems that are being destroyed by humans.