Fundraising Campaign for Chinatown’s Red Lanterns (Sept. 2019)

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Community Student Campaign Team

Liam Anthony (Cleveland High School, 11th grade)
Nancy Bai (Sunset High School, 10th grade)
Jason Fu (Sunset High School, 9th)
Audrey Hu (West Sylvan Middle School, 6th grade)
Michelle Wang (International School of Beaverton, 10th grade)
Alicia Ye (Stroller Middle School, 8th grade)
Nathan Ye (Jacob Elementary School, 5th grade)
Cheery Zhang (Westview High School, 9th grade)

Mentor: Hongcheng Zhao (President of Oregon Chinese Coalition, OCC)

Questions? Please contact us at 503-709-3119 or

The Ways to Donate

Thank you for your generosity. Your donation is tax-deductible under IRC Section 170. Please make sure to note Lantern Fundraising Campaign 2019 in the memo field.


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Please mail checks to: c/o Oregon Chinese Coalition, 219 NW 3rd Ave., #227, Portland, OR 97209

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A Great Start!

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Red Lantern Story, Our Story

A century ago, Portland had the second largest Chinese population next to San Francisco. It once counted for 10% of population in Portland. Chinatown has been not only one of the prominent landmarks but a legacy for this city. Chinatown had its up and down in the past, but never lost its hope. The Chinese community has pledged to work together to help revitalize Chinatown, to make it great again.

In ancient China, lanterns were used to provide light and eventually as aspects of Buddhist worship. Today, they are used for decoration and is a modern form of celebration for the Chinese New Year. From 2018, Chinese community bought 50 red lanterns and hung them on the lampposts during the Chinese New Year. It began from the Chinatown Gate, went along NW 4th Avenue, NW Davis Street and then NW 3rd Avenue, and eventually ended at the entrance of Lan Su Chinese Garden. Under the Portland blue sky, those lanterns truly created a spectacular scene in Chinatown.

The sun was brutal to the materials on those lanterns. The color started to fade after two years. We wish to purchase new lanterns to replace those and to purchase even more, if there are enough donations, so that we can work with City of Portland and Oldtown/Chinatown Community Association to have lanterns on more lampposts starting from 2020 Chinese New Year.

Thank You, Donors!

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA)
Yupeng Li
Yan Zhao
Ma Suming
Li Zhou
Portland Chinatown Development 219 LLC
Staff at Chinatown Museum
Staff at Produce Portland
Vicky Li
Ying Wu
Deadstock Coffee
Neighbors West-Northwest
Sales of Weathered Lanterns

Your name will help extend the list 👍

See us in action: hanging lanterns in Chinatown during 2018 Chinese New Year and 2019 Chinese New Year