Alexander Yao

School: University of Southern California
Class: 2021
High School: Westview High School
Middle School: Stoller Middle School
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 4

Alex is a pre-med senior majoring in Human Biology at the University of Southern California. Outside of class, Alex serves as the president of USC’s Soul Cal Breaking team, tutors as the vice president of Teach for Los Angeles, and volunteers in a research lab. Besides these activities, he also enjoys working out, breakdancing, and watching anime.

Alex has had years of experience mentoring peers and students through school organizations and jobs. Having (so far) survived 8 years of the stress and uncertainty that many Asian American students find themselves struggling with in high school and college, Alex is eager to share his pre-med experience and advice to ensure a smoother journey for you!

Potential topics for conversation include (but are not limited to): high school advice, USC/pre-med perspective, stress management, and life in general.