Audrey Zhao

High School: Westview High School
Class: 2022
Middle School: Stoller Middle School
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 2-3

Audrey is a Junior at Westview High School. She loves to combine her passions for service and creativity to help promote environmental conservation and animal welfare. In her free time, you can find her playing piano, painting, and discussing global issues with her foster cats.

At school, Audrey is a Junior Representative for the National Honor Society, where she works to connect middle school students from Stoller, Aloha Huber Park, and Five Oaks to virtual high school tutors. Outside of school, she is the Secretary for the Oregon Zoo’s Conservation Corps and spent the past summers training and working with other volunteers and the zoo’s ambassador animals to present conservation topics to K-8 summer camps. If there’s anything she’s learned from her time volunteering, it’s that there’s something to learn from everybody and it’s super cool to ask for help.

I understand how valuable it is to have somebody to talk to about just about anything. Nothing excites me more than when someone shares their interests and passions with me. As a peer advisor, I hope we can learn and grow together. If you’re looking for somebody to share a laugh with or lend you an ear, I’m here to be your #1 supporter!