Danny Luo

School: University of Southern California (USC)
Class: 2023
High School: Lincoln High School
Middle School: ACCESS Academy
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 5-10

Danny is a pre-med sophomore studying global health, international relations, and natural science at USC. He is particularly interested in studying the intersection of policy and health, which has led to a newfound passion of addressing health inequities among the Asian-American/Pacific Islander community. In his spare time, he plays club tennis, runs a guitar account on TikTok, and loves to discover and talk about music.

As an executive board member of USC’s Chinese American Student Association (CASA), Danny is currently a part of CASA’s 姐/哥 “older sibling” mentorship program, where he mentors incoming USC freshmen and helps them transition to college life in the unique environment of an online semester. From SAT tutoring to camp counseling to college counseling, he has had many amazing opportunities to work with students in different capacities.

Danny knows from first-hand experience that friends and fellow peers are some of the best resources to turn to for compassion, understanding, and support. Growing up in a dichotomous cultural environment, facing the expectations of the “model minority”, and being an Asian-American during COVID are just a few of the many challenges that are unique to Asian identity. The good news is that nobody has to go through any of it alone, and he is excited to meet new friends and be a listening ear.