Jackie Zhang

High School: Sunset High School
Class: 2022
Middle School: Stoller Middle School
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 2-3

Jiaqi Zhang, also known as Jackie, is a Junior at Sunset High School. She loves to learn about Psychology and Neurology, and hopes to pursue this field in the future. Her interests in these topics led to a passion for working with others and volunteering with social works organizations, such as Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA) and Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC). In her free time, Jackie enjoys dancing, binging shows, and spending time with her friends.

Jackie has experience tutoring and consulting peers in the past, and she is excited to form new friendships and connect with other peers. She will strive to apply her knowledge and past experience to advise others, as well as help the local youth to overcome hardships.