Nova Wu

School: Stanford University
Class: 2024
High School: Lincoln High School
Middle School: Meadow Park Middle School
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 5

Hello, I’m Nova, I am a materials science and engineering student and freshman at Stanford. My passion lies in creating more efficient and accessible energy materials.

In high school, I cofounded and led the Oregon Middle School Speech and Debate League. My experience in the organization showed me that young people want to learn how express themselves and advocate for their themselves, traits which are crucial to fostering good relationships and mental wellbeing.

I enjoy drawing, folding origami, playing Minecraft, and hiking. These hobbies let me express myself and interact with my friends, especially when we work together on elaborate building projects on Minecraft.

I know firsthand the importance of having someone listen to you during difficult times. The network of support and non-judgmental listening I received from my loved ones allowed me to really flourish and embrace myself flaws and all. I want to do the same for others, to offer my attention and guidance, if asked for, to others.