Sarah Yu

School: Catlin Gabel School
Class: 2022
Middle School: Lake Oswego Junior High School
Category: Peer Advisor
Hours/Week Available: 3

Sarah Yu is currently a Junior at Catlin Gabel School where she serves as a class president on the student association, is a leader in the Environmental Action Team, and a member of Asian Affinity. Sarah’s entrepreneurial and creative pursuits manifest in her small business—SublimitiesbySarah—and she hopes to study business and philosophy in the future.

Environmental sustainability, systemic change, and development of the arts are topics in which Sarah is heavily invested. Sarah also dances competitively, and in her free time she enjoys reading, watching cdramas, making jewelry, and propagating plants.

In the realm of tutoring work, Sarah is a peer writing advisor and has also been a student teacher in middle school special needs programs. When school was in person, she also spent her time as a high school buddy for younger kids. As a peer advisor, she hopes to utilize her own experience with mental health and therapy to benefit others in her community.