Pen Pal Project for Multiracial Youth Groups


The pen pal program is to address the racism as violence and the impact it has on youth, by connecting the youth from communities of color with the hopes of amplifying their voices and building an alliance of youth across communities to stop racism.


Pen Pal is an old-fashioned way of person-to-person communication. At internet age, it still has its place as short phrases and acronyms in social media tend to leave much less time for people to think. With our communities and nation being plagued with hatred and violence, it is critical for us to create a space for people to get connected and open up. By sharing our lives and welcoming others in, people will see the similarities outweigh the differences. This will not only help protect against violence and adversity with more discovery and acceptance as well as understanding and kindness, but also help addressing the racially motivated hatred through cross-cultural connections. This applies to every age group but starting with youth will have a long-lasting impact.


The pen pal project opens to youth at age 12-18. Currently we accept applications through the referral from community partners and schools only.

Application Form

The participants need to completet Pre-Survey and Release Form after the applications being approved.

Privacy and Safety

All participants will need to have the parents or guardians sign the consent form.

No other communication between pen pals would take place outside of the letters. All participants will use a nickname, and all letters/emails will be mailed to central location/account where they will be redistributed to the pen pal by the parent volunteers.

Central Mailing Address

For letters, please mail to

Pen Pal Project
PO Box 1675
Beaverton, OR 97075

For emails, please mail to

Free Wushu (Martial Arts) Lessons to Participants

Once a week with hybrid teaching model, depending on the risk level of the coronavirus at the time.

Grants Received

Thank Multnomah County RACE VIP Grant for making this project possible

Community Partners

We want to expreess our gratitude to our community partners for bringing the youth together.