Protest Against Racism, Xenophobia, and Misogyny!

Sunday Protest Info/周日上街抗议具体信息

3/21/2021 (Sunday) 11am - 1pm @ 17 locations (see Google Map)

Pioneer Courthouse Square Downtown Portland
Powell’s City of Books Downtown Portland
Saturday Market @ 120 SW Ankeny St Downtown Portland
NE 82nd Ave & NE Glisan St SE Portland
SE Division St & SE 87th Ave SE Portland
SE Johnson Creek Blvd & I-213 Happy Valley
Vancouver I-5 Bridge Vancouver
SW Hall& SW Scholls Ferry Tigard
SW Greenburg Rd & OR-217 Tigard
Carman Drive & Kruse Way Lake Oswego
Zupan’s Markets Lake Oswego
Safeway @ 401 A Ave Lake Oswego
OR-8 & OR-217 Beaverton
NW Cornell & NW Murray Beaverton
Benton County Circuit Court Corvallis
Eugene Federal Building @ 405 E 8th Ave Eugene
Salem State Capitol Building Salem

Sunday Protest Participants Survey/参加活动人数统计表

Protest Activities/组织社区抗议活动安排

In the year of Covid 19, we have witnessed the rising pandemic of anti-Asian racism. The cold-blooded murder of Asian American women in Atlanta is only a culmination of nation-wide racial violence against Americans of Asian descent. We stand in solidarity with American of all races, genders, and creeds, who’d join our fight against racism, xenophobia, misogyny and for social justice and equality.

Five years ago, we established Oregon Chinese Coalition in response to American judicial injustice. The challenge of racial discrimination and violence demands our continuous collective action. As fellow Oregonians, we call on our community to fight together against the revival of virulent racism, xenophobia, and misogyny for American justice and equality. We ask your participation and support for the following events:

  1. Sunday Street Protest: Rally simultaneously 11am—1pm at any major city streets of your choices with poster-boards. OOC will be responsible for the organization and funding of poster-production.
  2. Post-rally distribution of protest posters in the public. OCC will be responsible for content and production costs.
  3. OCC encourage high school students and parents petition governments, schools, and media and convey our message against racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. We want to gain a public hearing and ensure protection of our children on resumption of normal schooling.
  4. Voice our concerns to our employers, companies, non-governmental and social institutions, as well as local and state governments. Unite, we shall succeed in our endeavors. We welcome participation of all interested organizations and communities.

We will update all activities on this page.

5年前我们为司法不公聚在一起,今天华裔乃至整个亚裔的安全受到了前所未有的挑战,为抗议种族歧视与暴力我们必须行动起来。 经过5年的社区活动,相信我们今天可以显示出更强大的力量,我们是本地社区的一员,愿意与所有主持正义的人们一道寻求正义与公平。 是时候向racism, xenophobia, and misogyny说不了,为此,我们建议并出面组织以下4项活动,希望得到社区成员最大程度的支持与参与。

  1. 周日街头举牌抗议。 时间定在中午11-1点,原则是就地自行组织,力争覆盖城市每个主要街道。 OCC会负责协调工作,并提供牌子的制作费用。

  2. 让抗议的牌子插遍大街小巷,这个活动可以是在周日抗议之后进行,OCC会提供一些内容作为参考,并负责制作费用。

  3. 组织高中生和家长们给各级政府,媒体和学校/校区写信,我们可以帮助促成华工纪念园,同样可以把我们反对种族歧视与暴力的声音有效传播出去。 这也是对学校复课后对华人孩子们保护有着至关重要的作用。

  4. 在自己的公司和机构主动与leadership沟通,尤其是那些还没有做出官方声明的那些公司和机构。PGE就是在我们一位华人员工的督促下表了态,说明我们每一个人都是有影响力的。


Suggested for Posters and Signs/推荐的标语牌用语

Feminism Category:

Women’s Lives Matter
Women Are Humans
Stop Hate On Women
Say NO to Women Haters

Crime Category:

Stop Hate Crime
Call Justice to Stop Crime
“A Bad Day” Does NOT Justify Crime
“Sex Addiction” = Excuse For Hate Crime

Racism Category:

Stop Asian Hate
We Belong To Here
This Is Our Home Too
Stop Racism

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March 21, 2021

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