Michael Fu - Bronze Award

School: Sunset High School
Category: Teens (11-15)
Hours: 70

Michael is a freshman at Sunset High School. During his elementary and middle school years he has seen older kids helping the community through many kinds of volunteer activities. One place that stood out to him was the public library. He has routinely reserved books to pick up from his local library. This is only made possible by people at the circulation department who organize books, re-shelve books, and fill reservation orders. After benefitting from other peoples’ efforts, he knew he should return the favor to the community. However, the library had an age requirement of 14 or older. As soon as he turned 14, he started volunteering at his local library, helping with circulation. Within the library environment, he has learned valuable experience by working in a way that benefits other people. Michael has also been helping teach younger children math and grading their quizzes and homework at an afterschool where he started his own math learning and was helped by older kids. From these experiences, Michael has made it his mission not only to contribute to the community, but also to inspire younger kids to help their communities and make their world a better place.

Oregon Chinese Coalition is proud to join the President of the United States in recognizing the volunteers who consistently take the time to make a difference in the lives of others. Therefore, it is a great honor to present the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to Michael Fu.