Ethan (Yixiang) Zhang - Gold Award

School: Westview High School
Category: Teens (11-15)
Hours: 157.5

Ethan is currently an 11th grader at Westview High School. During the current year, he volunteered in many areas, including cybersecurity, chess, and various community services. In previous years during the pandemic, he joined outreach efforts in order to give education to a wider audience on a broad range of topics. This year, he continued his efforts in volunteering.

Ethan has always been interested in the field of computer science ever since his introduction. In particular, he has been interested in cybersecurity. In recent years, cybersecurity has become a burgeoning field and topic in the world among most people. This year, he organized and hosted many sessions to educate people about a variety of cybersecurity topics. Additionally, he invited renowned experts within the field to be guest speakers and organized a site visit to the cybersecurity center of the Oregon State University. This helped instill foundations and knowledge of cybersecurity in many students as well as deeper knowledge, an asset that would surely greatly benefit them in the future.

Ethan has also been interested in chess ever since his introduction to it. In recent years, chess in all forms has exploded in popularity among many people, and all, whether competitive or casual players, use it as a social medium. This year, as the leader of Chess4kids Club, he joined forces with Puddletown Chess, as a board member and volunteered as a coach to give chess lessons and instructions to young students of all skill levels. He gave weekly lessons that lasted for ninety minutes each to better the skills of those who wished to improve in the sport.

Along with chess, he also participated in a diverse range of other activities organized by OCC. For example, he regularly participated in the Transition Project, which was a project that brought monthly homemade meals to the homeless in the Clark Center. He partook in the effort consistently to cook and serve the overlooked members of the community, helping bring a splash of color into their monotonous lives.

Though many saw 2023 as an improvement to 2022, many more still struggled and languished throughout the year; knowing this, Ethan knew that he had to act and, even if it was only to affect one person, make an impact in the community.

Oregon Chinese Coalition is proud to join the President of the United States in recognizing the volunteers who consistently take the time to make a difference in the lives of others. Therefore, it is a great honor to present the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to Ethan Zhang.