Lake Learning Center 中英文双语学校

We are a bilingual educational center (中英文双语学校), providing PreSchool and After-School Programs in English and Mandarin Chinese. Established in 2016 at the Lake Bible Church, our center has grown continuously to provide new learning experiences for young children who are also interested in culture immersion within the early stages of their education.

¶ We are deeply devoted to our students and their educational journeys to develop themselves as well-rounded individuals in our contemporary world. Our methodology of early education is effective; children are better prepared for their future academic careers when enriched with language, critical-thinking, and behavioral skills.

¶ Furthermore, we offer a wide-range of engaging programs that appeal to younger students; from activities pro bilingual communication to interactive classes in Math/Science/Art, we take on a more hand-on approach in the classroom.

“Specific hands-on activities we offer include art sessions where students draw and paint under the guidance of our Art instructor, food lessons to learn how to make easy snacks and Chinese food, and so much more…”

¶ At the Lake Learning Center, we are always engaging our students to practice teamwork and collaboration, regardless of the activity.

¶ We believe in our motto: Better Education for a Better World.