The Mathletics

Our mission: Organizing youth effort, passion, time, and dreams to develop great future skillset in MECSE (math, entrepreneurship, computer science, and engineering)

To build teamwork, communication, critical-thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and leadship skills through learning by doing and learning by teaching;

To provide the means for youths from different background to understand key concepts in the fields of MECSE for the great technology challenges of tomorrow;

To encourage participation and camaraderie between youths in MECSE disciplines, by presenting them in thought-provoking activities, problem-solving, events, lectures, competitions, and more;

To encourage every youth to apply their MECSE-related skills to creating meaningful projects and solving real-world problems to benefit local communities from different cultures and groups;

To raise money for and grant awards to youths in MECSE-related training and further education opportunities;

To build connections with industry professionals and entrepreneurs and inspire youths to work alongside them.