Wayne Studio & Classes 永雄画室和绘画班

The son of a movie-poster painter in China, Wayne Chin was destined to be an outstanding artist. Wayne has over 25 years of experience in fine art, including oil portrait, landscape oil painting, sculpture, advertising and graphic art. He is also a professional illustrator for architecture and graphic design. His expression techniques range from fluid, conceptual sketches to crisp, formal renderings. Complete presentations by Wayne can be provided in a variety of media such as pen and ink, colored pencil, colored marker, egg tempera and water color.

Wayne Chin maintains his studio in Vancouver, Washington. One of the city’s most accomplished portrait painters, Wayne photographs his subjects first, then does both black-and-white and color thumbnail sketches before putting brush to canvas.

陈老师移民波特兰已有三十多年。 (父亲也是广州著名的画家) 1980年, 毕业于广州美术中专。来美后继续他的建筑和艺术生涯, 主要的作品包括联邦法官, 仁波切, 教父, 印第安部落首领 …波特兰公立私立画廊, 政府机构医院, 建筑设计公司都有他的艺术作品, 国内大型建筑设计 工作, 获奖无数!

画画班的地点: Vancouver (3610 NE 113th St., Vancouver WA 98686); SE Portland (永明堂二楼及慧霖寺); Beaverton