Our Mission

The Tech for Kids Club is a non-profit organization founded by parents and local industry experts in 2015. The organization pools resources and expertise from the community and creates a platform to help youth discover their interests and accelerate their skills in science and technology. It currently operates in Portland, OR and Pasadena, CA.

Our mission is to boost youth’s interests in science and technology, to inspire them with real-world problem solving opportunities, to facilitate collaboration among youth of all ages/levels in pursuing their interests and passions, to serve as an incubator of innovation ideas, and to promote community involvement in youth development.

Our Services

The Tech for Kids Club provides enrichment programs in Engineering, Programming, Math, Leadership, and Communications to youth of all grades through lectures, science projects, tech talk series, national competitions, company visits and much more. Industry experts from Intel, Oracle, and other Fortune Global 500 companies serve actively in the club as board members, coaches or guest speakers.

In the Community

The Tech for Kids Club is a volunteer based, community sponsored organization. In return, the club and its members strive to make a difference in the community. Our commitments to community range from helping neighborhood schools with science programs, collaborating with local non-profit organizaions in science enrichment and youth development, to serving as advocates and volunteers for education and youth related matters.

How To Join Club

This guideline is created to help newly joined parents and students use Tech for Kids Club resource and contribute to the club. Tech for kids club retains the right to edit its guidelines at any time.

Tech for Kids Club provides an open platform to share information and spark new ideas. The main channel of communication is through WeChat, so the inviting party is responsible for passing information to newly joined parents and students about basic requirements: