Kids First Project

HOPE - Health, Opportunity, Play, Education

Our mission is to promote HOPE by raising awareness on the lack of funding going towards disadvantaged children, providing the resources necessary for children experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential, freeing up time for parents to get training on job skills and ultimately breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

Who We Are

Kids First Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings programs and services to homeless youth at local organizations around Portland, Oregon.

What We Do

With our Program Director, we are currently developing program books, including our already existing Kid Time Host Activity Book, to use for our programs. As our first referring partner, we will bring our services to Portland Homeless Family Solutions during their adult Life Lab sessions to the children in shelter. Whether it is an hour of storytelling, crafts, active games, or a variety of programs catered to each age group, we bring together a group of trained volunteers to engage with youth. From there, we intend on expanding towards more shelters and organizations around Portland so we can serve a larger community. Within our programs and with the possibility of having our own location, we hope to create even more opportunities to support childhood development for homeless youth in the near future, like day camps and backpack drives.