2023 Winter Drive, Mission Accomplished!

昨天,连续六年的社区冬季捐赠活动在超过40位同学的积极组织和参与以及他们家长的大力支持下成功举办。绝大多数收集到的物品捐赠给了Clay Street Table,还有一些适合初中生穿的外衣捐赠给了Whitford Middle School。今年的活动看到了更多来自东边的青少年,在Hosford中学收集点的同学提前在小区发放了上百张宣传单。在82街祥发超市收集捐赠物品的同学们因为要帮助父母操持家事而无法来到市中心参加聚会。西边的同学中有不少是第一次参加这样的活动,帮助制作宣传短片的双胞胎姐妹鼓起勇气到邻居家发传单,邻居看到后把物品直接送到了她们的家门口,让她们感到喜出望外,满满的成就感。连续5年坚守在Hamilton Park那棵大树下的三兄弟都长大了,在聚会的时候可以侃侃而谈。在Forest Park,同学们又一次经历了路人当场脱下外套捐出来的场景。所有OCC学生社团不仅积极参与各个收集点的现场活动,还利用训练场地开设新的收集点。活动结束后,近一半的同学来到市中心,大家享受着搬运捐赠物品的喜悦心情,并在发言中表示明年再见。

What a fantastic job done by all the students at the nine drop-off locations today! This year, we witnessed strong participation from students in SE Portland, even though they couldn’t attend the gathering at the Clay Street Table in the end due to family obligations. Throughout the event, students experienced many touching moments, such as a passing mom taking off her own sweater and donating it to us, neighbors responding enthusiastically to the flyers the students posted, and people even contributing cash and gift cards and wanting to help in whatever way they could.

Congratulations to all participating students and their parents! Mission accomplished for the 2023 community winter drive!