2018 Community-Wide Winter Drive

Date: November 17, 2018 Saturday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Place: 5 drop off locations

Area School Spot if Specified
Beaverton Sunset High School Parking lot next to NW Cornell Rd
Bethany Stoller Middle School  
Lake Oswego Lake Oswego High School  
NW Portland Forest Park Elementary  

Winter Drive flyer (front page, back page) designed by Jiahua Zhu

Submit your donation info for receipt from Central City Concern by 11/25/2018

Daphne Wu, 2018 Chinese Rose Princess, will proudly serve as Goodwill Ambassador.

Participating Students

Entirely run by 35+ students from 20+ local schools or student organizations.

Name School/Organization
Barrett Bai Findley Elementary School
Nancy Bai Sunset High School
Wendy Du Beats of Bethany
Kevin Du Beats of Bethany
Joe Gu Stoller Middle School
Jay Hempstead Lake Oswego High School
Audrey Hu West Sylvan Middle School
Kevin Lin Stafford Elementary School
Melinda Lin Athey creek Middle School
Leon Liu International School of Beaverton
Steven Niu Catlin Gabel
John Russak Stoller Middle School
Michael Russak Sunset High School
Freya Sticka Rachelle Carson Middle School
Derica Theobald French American International School
Jenell Theobald Whitford Middle School
Angela Wang Lake Grove Elementary School
Christine Wang Lake Oswego High School
Leonard Wang Stoller Middle School
Rachel Wang Stoller Middle School
Ziyue Wang Forest Park Elementary School
Yalena Guo-Wittenberg Woodstock Elementary School
Taverick Guo-Wittenberg David Douglas High School
Daphne Wu, Chinese Rose Princess Sunset High School
Sally Xiao Wood Middle School
Arnold Tianyi Yang Stoller Middle School
Arthur Tianqi Yang Findley Elementary School
Alicia Ye Stoller Middle School
Rentian Yu Lake Oswego High School
Nathan Ye Jacob Elementary School
Tony Zeng Oak Greek Elementary School
Cheery Zhang Stoller Middle School
Fiona Zhang Bolton Elementary School
Jiahua Zhu Westview High School
Fiona Zou Beats of Bethany
Jonathan Zou Beats of Bethany

Donation Items

Clothing – What people need most in winter is warm clothes.

Socks, jackets, shoes, hand warmers, hats, mittens, scarves, pants, shirts, belt, new underwear.

Office appropriate clothing for men and women for interviews and new jobs.

Non-Perishable food

Canned foods, dried goods, grains.

Household products

Bed linens (single or twin preferred), blankets, and pillows.

Basic kitchen items: specifically pots, pans, cutlery, dishes, and can openers.

Baby and toddler clothing, diapers, baby wipes, blankets, car seats (new), strollers, and maternity clothes.

Holiday gifts and gift cards for children living in our alcohol- and drug-free family housing.

Hygiene products – Toiletries are also always needed because you can’t use food stamps to buy any of it.

Soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, feminine hygiene items, toilet paper, etc.


CCC have partnered with Bikes for Humanity to create Chain Reaction Bike Co-op, which allows CCC clients to refurbish donated bicycles and receive bike mechanic training, earning a free bike through sweat equity!

Agencies to Receive our Donations

Central City Concern
Clay Street Table