Inspired by the success of Asian Heritage Month Art Gallery Exhibit, we want to ride on the momentum by holding Full Moon Calligraphy and Photography Exhibit, again featuring the works of local Chinese Americans, some are professionals and others are the enthusiasts.

Participating Calligraphers

Caixin Huang (黄才鑫)
Weili Liu (微力)
Xing Wang (王星)
Buliang Yan (晏部梁)
Hanxing Zhao (赵汉兴)

Participating Photographers

Si Hui (惠思)
Iris (文雯) – Portfolio: Family, Wedding
Limei Lai (赖丽梅)
Tie Li (李铁)
Shi Mei (梅石)
Like Que (却力克)
Deon Tan (谭明敏)
Zike Xu (徐子科)
Kerry Yu
Guangchao Zhang (张光超)

2021 Full Moon Calligraphy and Photography Exhibit Highlights

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The Art Gallery Exhibit is part of our response to the recent rising anti-Asian hate sentiment. We organized the March 21 statewide protest, which could be the largest one in the history of Chinese American community. However, we believe the most effective way to answer back to the hate crimes is through education. That is why we initiated the restorative justice in Mr. Hutchens’ sentencing. We are launching a Pen Pal project with a grant from Multnomah County to help addressing the racially motivated hatred through cross-cultural connections. This art exhibit will serve the same purpose – to shift people’s behavior by changing people’s mind.

Meet With Artists

May 20, 2021 12pm -1pm

Tie Li

Tie Li was born in Beijing, China during the Cultural Revolution. The mainstream art at that time were heavily influenced by soviet Russia’s social realism. As a young artist, he was attracted by the freedom of artistic expression that filtered in from outside of China during the 1980s, he was deeply affected by the rebellion art movement known in China as “the stars”, whose works can be characterized with strong individual styles and socio-political criticism of that time. Tie immigrated to the US in 1987. and earned his MFA degree from the School of Art + Design at San Diego State University in 1997, with a focus in painting and photography. His immigrant experience in America led him to look closely at the issues of cultural identity in art. His artworks are telling stories of immigrants in general, their nostalgia, forbearance, struggle in life, and resistance to simulation.

To learn more about Tie, you may visit

Wayne Chin

Wayne Chen, born in Guangzhou, China, was interested in drawing at his early age. Under the influence and guidance of his father, who was an Illustration artist, Wayne’s painting career began. He attended the Cultural Art College of Guangzhou. After his graduation in 1980, he began working as a movie illustration artist, and it was during that time that his works were first displayed in the exhibition. In 1981, he came to the States and lived in Portland, Oregon. In 1988, he worked at Soderstrom Architects as an Architectural Illustrator for ten years. In 1997, Wayne started his own Art Studio (Wayne Studio) as a freelance artist.

To learn more about Wayne studio and classes, please visit

Limei Lai

Limei Lai is a Portland-based artist and Chinese tutor who enjoys working with oil, acrylic, fabric and embroidery. The use of fabric and thread connects to an embroidery artist, her mother. Her wood works are inspired by her hometown, where wood carvings can be seen in houses and temples. The handling of fabric and embroidery incorporated into her acrylic paintings is distinctive.

Limei tells generational stories. Her themes depict the fear of change, weakness and aging. She often uses both animal and botanical figures to demonstrate that humans are not separate from nature, but are nature. Her roots as Chinese with her current experience as an American immigrant are combined in her art. Her message to the public is that facing fears and accepting vulnerability can build positive strength. She emphasizes the beauty of ageing faces, showing death as a natural part of human experience. Limei believes that art not only evokes issues and problems in society, it celebrates the beauty of this world in its entirety too.

Currently Limei is working towards gaining her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. She is the featured mural artist in the 2020 Fresh Paint mural project. Her works were shown in Local 14 art show, Red E Cafe Gallery, and the Paragon Gallery art show. She states, “Art is to celebrate life and to seal the moments that make us smile with tears.”

Her Instagram is @meimeilai81981

Yichu Li

“I am a fashion lover, a fashion illustrator and a fashion designer. I have been drawing, designing and teaching fashion for many years. This is a place where you can see how I express my fashion voice through my drawings and designs. A place where you can learn how to draw and design fashion. And a community where we can support and help each other as fashion illustrators/designers. If you’re able to donate you can click the donate button below. Donations are never expected but always appreciated.”

– from Yichu’s website:

Her Instagram is @yidrawing

Junying Li and Li Li

JunYing is a retired Architect from China. She loves to spend time with her daughter and grandkids in Portland. She makes various works of art like the cross stitched (⼗字绣) and hand made bags with traditional Chinese flower prints.

Li is JunYing Li’s daughter. Her art work, promptly named Peking Opera Face was inspired by Peking Opera Makeup. Peking Opera Makeup is traditionally painted on the faces of actors in traditional Chinese operas. Each face painting represents a different character. Li used modern materials and colors to represent traditional Peking Opera Makeup.