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Live Streaming

The festival will go live on Instagram from 12 pm. Please follow us @OregonChineseCoalition to get notified.

Masters of Ceremony

Sophia Pi


Nancy Bai


Victor Li


Special Guest Speakers

Commissioner Stegmann

Committed Programs

Time Program Presented By
12:00 Welcome Speech MC
12:05 Opening Lion Dance White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance
12:15 Tibetain Dance: 我的九寨,玛尼情歌 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
12:20 Duet: 爱她 想她 祝福她 Jennifer Li & Guangchao Zhang
12:25 Martial Arts Performance U.S. Wushu Center
12:55 Chinese Rose Princess and Queens Oceana Blue Productions
13:05 Guzhen: 荷塘月色 Cheery Zhang and Ava Yu
13:10 Singing with Pipa Instrument: 烟花三月 Jie Huang
13:15 Singing with Pipa Instrument: 女儿情 Jie Huang
13:20 Folk Dance: 半壶纱 Chinese Golden Willow (Salem)
13:25 Chinese Dulcimer & Flute: 知否知否 Amanda Sun, Olivia Sun
13:30 Chinese Dulcimer: 克罗地亚狂想曲 Jing Lu
13:35 Beijing Opera Kathy Li’s Singing Group
13:45 Taiji: Learning Moves with Master Jing Chen
14:00 Welcome Speech MC
14:05 Modern Dance: 雪落下的声音 Haiyan International Dance Academy
14:10 Guzheng with Drum: 男儿当自强 Thomas Fang, Erik Liang, Ruolan Bai, Ruoxi Bai, Alex Pi
14:15 Violin Ensemble: 茉莉花 Pacific Violin Academy
14:20 Violin Ensemble: Millionaire Pacific Violin Academy
14:25 Folk Dance: 天边 Chinese Golden Willow (Salem)
14:30 Piano Solo: 太阳花 Kathy Charles from Music Fusian NW
14:35 Piano and Erhu: 草原新牧民 Kathy Charles & Jerry Lin from Music Fusian NW & Musication LLC
14:40 Folk Dance: 心在路上 West Linn Chinese Dancing Troupe
14:45 Solo Vocal: 桥边姑娘真好看 Jack
14:50 Vocal Duet: 你的答案 Jack & Tingting Hou
14:55 Guzheng Duet: 战台风 Nancy & Berrett
15:05 Folk Dance: 我的九寨 West Linn Chinese Dancing Troupe
15:10 Solo Vocal: 喜欢你 Katy
15:15 Vocal Duet: 雨蝶 Tingting Hou & Katy
15:20 Solo Vocal: 阿刁 Tingting Hou
15:25 Modern Dance: 大鱼 Haiyan International Dance Academy
15:30 Martial Arts Performance Summit Wushu Academy
15:45 Learning Wushu Moves with Master Peter Dang from Summit Wushu Academy
16:00 Welcome Speech MC
16:05 Lion Dance Performance White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance
16:35 Guzhen: 香山射鼓 Kara Lin from Music Fusian NW
16:40 Chinese Classical Poems: 登鹳雀楼,夜宿山寺,游子吟 Music Fusian NW & Musication LLC
16:45 Yue Opera: 十八相送 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
16:55 Xinjiang Dance: 亚丽古拉 Oregon Hope Chinese School
17:00 Martial Arts Performance Oregon Hope Chinese School
17:15 Erhu Solo: 三十里铺 Jerry Lin from Music Fusian NW & Musication LLC
17:20 Cello Quartet: Prelude from Te Deum Music Fusian NW & Musication LLC
17:25 Chinese Pop Dance Phoenix Dunn
17:27 Chinese Pop Dance Amaya Fortner
17:30 Tibetain Dance: 卓玛 Oregon Hope Chinese School
17:35 Baguazhang (Eight Fixed Palms) Master Lin
17:40 Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Rose City Rhythmic Gymnastics
17:45 Modern Dance Henna Holden
17:50 Modern Dance Quinci Holden
17:55 Singing of Chinese Poems Kathy Li’s Singing Group
18:00 Band Playing ACE Family Band

Schedule is subject to change

Food Vendor Lineup

Name Category
Great Tang Lamb Skewers, Chicken Skewers, Fried Noodles, Mango Sago
Home Taste LLC 家乡味 Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl/ Spam Musubi
Krusty Krab 小食堂 Ironed Squid
Mandarin House 京华楼 Barbecued Pork Buns, Steamed Dumplings, Spring Rolls
Pot & Spicy 冷锅串串 Cold Pot Skewers, Chinese Biscuits, Street Food
Red Robe Tea House & Cafe 大红袍 Chinese Cuisines & Tea
Shanghai Restaurant 上海餐馆 Pork, beef, chicken, vegetables
Sushi Chiyo Sushi, Dessert, Cold Beverages

Gifts Vendor Lineup

Name Category
XK Gift Shop Culture Specific Gifts & Clothing

Artists Lineup

Name Onsite Activity
Tie Li Charcoal Drawing Portrait
Xing Wang Your Name in Chinese with Calligraphy
Limei Lai Face Painting
Si Hui Draw Your Birthday Card
Yishu Li Character Sketch with Marker
Rachel Zhou Cartoon Drawing with Kids

All our artists’ offerings are free. They will also be mores than happy to draw on your masks.

Nonprofit Lineup

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Portland Chinatown Museum
Portland Street Response
Multnomah County Library

Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Organizers: Multnomah County Public Health Division
Vaccinator: LECARE Pharmacy, Family Owned, Locally Loved.

Thank You Gifts –
$100 for 1st Dose, $50 for 2nd Dose, $150 for J&J Dose
Ox Year Stainless Steel Memorabilia, While Supplies Last

Vaccine Available Onsite –
Pfizer, 1st and 2nd Dose, for 12 & Older
Moderna, 1st and 2nd Dose, for 18 & Older
Johnson & Johnson, single Dose, for 18 & Older

Sign Up Form (Not Required, May Help Prepare for Enough Vaccines and Gifts)


Multnomah County Health Department
City of Portland
Portland General Electric
Providence Health & Services - Oregon Region
The Oregonian
Pioneer Courthouse Square

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