See you again in 2023. It will be on August 5!

The art works incorporated into the flyer, banner and posters are from the first community youth art contest in collaboration with the Friends of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.

Live Streaming

The festival will go live on Instagram from 11am. Please follow us @OregonChineseCoalition to get notified.

Masters of Ceremony

Claire Cao

Amy Kang

Victor Li

Justin Xia

Special Guest Speakers

Jeff Selby

Deputy Director, City of Portland’s Office of Equity & Human Rights

Stage Performances

Time Program Presented By
Section I 11:00am-1:00pm  
  Welcome Speech MC
  Group Drumming: 权御天下 Hua Mu Lan Drum Team 花木兰大鼓队
  Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance: Carnival Girls Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Vocal Duet: 情歌对唱,拉手手亲口口 张光超、郭玉茹
  Folk Dance: 我的九寨 温哥华茉莉花舞队 (Vancouver Jasmine Dancing Troupe)
  Women’s Vocal Quartet: Memory, 重归苏莲托 Voice of Spring Singing Group 春之声艺术团
  Children Dance: Gummy Bear 小熊糖 Xstream and Bamboo International School
  Face Changing Performance (Chuan Opera) 川剧变脸 Nelson Yuan
  Children Songs: 一起向未来, 美丽的地球 Xstream and Bamboo International School
  Erhu Solo Jerry Lin
  Dance: 初见 (扇舞) Salem Chinese Golden Willow Dance Group
  Solo Vocal with Dance: 鲁冰花 黄捷 with Anna(妞妞) Claire(可儿), Riley Chung, Sophie Liu(刘洋)
  Folk Dance: 牧羊姑娘 温哥华茉莉花舞队 (Vancouver Jasmine Dancing Troupe)
  CPop Dance Phoenix Dunn
  Hit Hop Dance John Torres
  Chinese Orchestral Music Communithy Youth Orchestra
Section II 1:00pm-3:00pm  
  Dance: The Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
  Pipa Solo: 旱天雷 Good Time Chinese School
  Fan Dance: Upward to the Moon Jade Dance Team
  Kids Group Dance: 桃花笑 SE Youth Dance Team
  Kids Solo Singing: 小小少年, Into the Unknown Qingshan Li
  Chinese Rose Princess & Queens Oceana Blue Productions
  Yue Opera: Love Song 爱歌 from 春香传 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe (熊霖、戴丽红)
  Dance: 啊, 草原 Salem Chinese Golden Willow Dance Group
  Traditional Chinese Orchestra Performance Yue Sheng Musical Club
  Dance: 采薇 Jade Dance Team
  Dance: 水摇扇影 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Taiji: 二十四式杨氏太极拳 (Twenty-four Styles of Yang Style) Master Lin, et al
  Folk Dance: 康定情歌 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
  Martial Arts Performance Summit Wushu Academy
Section III 3:00pm-6:00pm  
  Women’s Vocal: 送你一朵东方茉莉 Voice of Spring Singing Group 春之声艺术团
  Modern Dance: No Excuse Haiyan International Dance Academy
  Violin Ensemble: The Bumble Bee, 赛马 Pacific Violin Academy
  Dance: 踏鼓 (Drum Beats Blessing) 东方舞艺术团 (East Dream Dance Troupe)
  Folk Dance: 锦瑟 Winnie Chinese Dance//Qingshan Li
  Dulcimer Solo: 萱草花 Good Time Chinese School
  Modern Dance: Sugar, Sugar Haiyan International Dance Academy
  Kids Group Dance: 让我们荡起双浆 Good Time Chinese School
  Hip Hop Dance Good Time Chinese School
  Pop Songs: 如愿, 一万次悲伤, 大风歌 Portland Karaoke Group 波特兰K歌组 (Tingting, Jack)
  Kids Group Dance: 最炫民族风 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Guzheng: Blue And White Porcelain 青花瓷 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Children Martial Arts Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Dance: 笛中花 Winnie Dance Studio/Monica Luo
  Guzheng: Moonlit over the Spring River, Jasmine Flower, Blue And White Porcelain Wisdom Arts Academy
  Folk Dance: 额尔古纳河 Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Drumming Panda Drum Team 熊猫大鼓队

Schedule is subject to change

Food Vendor Lineup

Name Category
Mandarin House 京华楼 Barbecued Pork Buns, Steamed Dumplings, Spring Rolls
Wheat Bay Chinese Restaurant 成都名小吃 Beef Pancake, Carlic Cucumber Salad, Special Chili Potatoes, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Great Tang Chicken skewers, Lamb skewers, Yakisoba, schicandra pear tea, Jingdong meat pie, Pot stickers, Roujiamo
Little Beijing 北京小馆 JianBing 煎饼果子,BingFen 冰粉,Cold Noodle
TeaZen-Teahouse Experience Authentic Tea with Ms. Liu

Kids Friendly Hands-on Craft Activities

Category Activity Table
Physical Jump Rubber Band/跳橡皮筋 Floor
  Shuttlecock Kicking/踢毽子 Floor
  Turn Handkerchief/转手帕 Floor
  Taiji/太极 Floor
Brain Teaser China Ring/九连环 1
  Burr Puzzle/鲁班锁 1
  Klotski/华容道 1
  Tangram/七巧板 1
  Magician/Rubik’s Cube/魔术魔方表演 2
Cultural Chinese Calligraphy/毛笔字 3
  Ink Painting/水墨画 3
  Paper Cutting/剪纸 4
  Origami/折纸 4
  Clay Figurine/捏泥人 5
  Costume Photo Booth/古装拍照 6
DIY DIY Red Lanterns/制作灯笼 6

Gifts Vendor Lineup

Name Category
XK Gift Shop Culture Specific Gifts & Clothing


Name Onsite Activity
Youth Artists Artwork Display and Demonstration

Young artists will draw or write on 200 fans for visitors to take away.

Public Health Outreach and Education

Service Partner
Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic for Age 3+ LeCare Pharmacy
Environmental Health Services Fish Safety Multnomah County Health Department
Culturally Specific Cancer Risk Education Community Volunteers
Pathfinder 2 Study to Find Cancer Early for 50+ OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Healthy Oregon Project OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Chinese Medicine Consultation Optimal Health Clinic
Health Resources and Rent/Utility Assistance to Low-Income Community Community for Positive Aging

People who receive vaccination at the festival (parents too) will receive voucher used with onsite food vendors.

Free of charge, walk-ins welcome.
Partly supported by grants from OHA, Multnomah County and Washington County

Nonprofit Lineup

Lan Su Chinese Garden
Friends of Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
Portland Parks & Recreation (Urban Forestry Division)
Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD)

Festival Sponsors

City of Portland
Oregon Health & Science University
Oregon Health Authority
Multnomah County
Portland General Electric
Pioneer Courthouse Square

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