2019 Chinese Festival

For the first time ever, our local Chinese community will be hosting a Chinese festival filled with non-stop entertainment, delicious Chinese food, fun activities and much more. We are excited to join the India Festival, Festa Italiana, Pan African Festival, and Celebration of Persian New Year to offer another splendid cultural event in the living room of Portland.

August 3, 2019 (Saturday) 11am - 8pm @ Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland :sparkles: Free admission :tada:

Committed Programs

Time Program Presented By
10:45 Guzheng Performance 10min Stoller Middle School Student, Cheery Zhang
11:00 Lion Dancing 20min Dragon & Lion Dance Team of Lee’s Association
11:30 Singing, Dancing & Wushu 60min Oregon Hope Chinese School
12:30 Folk Dancing and Singing 40min NW Chinese Dance Troupe
13:15 Fashion Show (Kids) 10min Oceana Blue Productions
13:30 Folk Dance 20min PSU Student Dance Group
14:00 Folk Songs 20min Karaoke Singing Group
14:30 Chinese Folk Dance 30min East Dream Chinese Dance Group
15:00 Fashion Show (Teen) 10min Oceana Blue Productions
15:15 Chinese Drumbeat 10min OCC Drum Team
15:30 Guzheng Performance 20min PSU Confucius Institute
16:00 Martial Arts 30min U.S. Wushu Center
16:30 Singing & Dancing 60min Chinese Cultural Groups from Vancouver
17:30 Folk Songs & Instruments 30min Music Fusian NW
18:00 (reserved)  
18:15 Taiji 15min Master Lin
18:30 Folk Songs 30min Vintage Chinese Singing Group/春之声组合
19:00 Singing & Dancing 60min Goodtime Chinese School
20:00 Conclusion  


Speaker Topic

Please contact us if you are interested or would like to recommend someone in or outside our community.

Kids Friendly Hands-on Crafts and Activities

Category Activity Group
Physical Diabolo/抖空竹 1
  Jump Rubber Band/跳橡皮筋 2
  Shuttlecock Kicking/踢毽子 2
  Turn Handkerchief/转手帕 3
  Taiji/太极 4
Brain Teaser Interlocking Rings/九连环 5
  Burr Puzzle/鲁班锁 5
  Klotski/华容道 5
  Tangram/七巧板 5
Cultural Chinese Caligraphy/毛笔字 6
  Ink Painting/水墨画 6
  Paper Cutting/剪纸 7
  Handmade Figurines/面塑艺术 8
  Chinese Medicine/中医 9
  Costume Photo Booth/古装拍照 10
  Go/围棋 11
  Mahjong/麻将 12
Toys in Old Days Rattle Drum/拨浪鼓 13
  Sticks HD/挑棒子 13
  Tin Mouse/铁皮老鼠 13
  Marble Beads/打弹珠 13
  Kaleidoscope/万花筒 13

Hosting organizations or individuals will have their name tags with social media info on the table. Please sign up below

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Vendor Lineup

Name Section
Lan Su Chinese Garden Organization

No signup available for the booths. The space is very limited as we will leave more space for activities. please contact us directly if you are interested. Type of vendors we are looking for includes NPOs, Chinese/Asian food, traditional crafts and clothing.

Proud Sponsors

Level Name Booth
Silver Oregon Hope Chinese School  

Platinum (exclusive) $10,000+; Gold (2) $5,000; Silver $2,000+; Bronze $500

Your brands will be exposed to 50,000 visitors that day and more after in the news, also reach Oregon Chinese community at large via social media.

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Contributor
Most prominent name and logo placement on site and social media X        
Prominent name and logo placement on site and OCC social media X X X X  
Logo placement on banners, which serve as backdrop in all press photo opportunities X X X X X

Event Fundraising Auction

Please help us raise money by donating auction items to us. Visit the auction page for auction items and send your bids today.

Contact Us

Please contact us through our Contact Us page or email to festival@pdxchinese.org.

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