We have been deeply moved by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received thus far. It is truly inspiring to witness the support and encouragement we have received from individuals and organizations from all walks of life, as we work towards building a more diverse and culturally enriched community. We are grateful for the outpouring of support and look forward to continuing this journey together.

Masters of Ceremony

Claire Cao

Justin Xia

Meilan Xu

Proud Festival Sponsors

Stage Performances

Time Program Presented By
Section I 11:00am-12:50pm  
  Welcome Speech MC
  Group Drumming: Dance of the Golden Snake 金蛇狂舞 Hua Mu Lan Drum Team 花木兰大鼓队
  Hanfu Show 汉服表演 Huanyue Group 欢悦组合
  Guzheng Ensemble: Coloring Clouds Chasing the Moon, Da Chang Jim, Jasmine Flower, Maiden’s Love Portland Wisdom Arts Academy 祥和艺苑
  Group Mongolian Dance: 画你 Salem Golden Willow Chinese Dance Team
  Solo Vocal: Rose in the Heart 心中的玫瑰 Huangjie & Kids Performance Team 黄捷 & 宝贝表演队
  Group Dance: 声声慢 温哥华苿莉花舞队 Vancouver Jasmine Dance Troupe
  Ice Storm by Lindsey Stirling, Spring in Xinjiang 新疆之春 Pacific Violin Academy
  Children Group Dance: Blossom 绽放 Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Dance: Jasmine 茉莉花 Huanyue Group 欢悦组合
  Group Dance: Kite with Umbrella 伞舞《风筝误》 Salem Golden Willow Chinese Dance Team
  Children Group Dance: Love 爱 Huangjie & Kids Performance Team 黄捷 & 宝贝表演队
  Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance: Carnival Girls Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Pop Songs: Beloved 诀爱 Portland Karaoke Group 波特兰K歌组 (Tingting, Jenny Hu)
  Children Group Dance: Little Fish Spit Bubbles Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Dance: Bath in Heaven 天裕 Jade Dance Team
  Martial Arts 集体武术表演 Summit Wushu Academy
Section II 1:00pm-2:55pm  
  Shaoxing Opera: Lantern Viewing 观灯 Huanyue Group 欢悦组合
  Chinese Dai Dance: 彩云之南 温哥华茉莉花舞队 (Vancouver Jasmine Dancing Troupe)
  Erhu Solo: Rain Scatters Across the South of the River 二胡独奏:雨碎江南 Jerry Lin
  Ballet Dance: La Fille Mal Gardee Clog Dance Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Guzhen & Drumming: Flourishing Age & ZhiFou 盛世国乐 & 知否 Lulu Guzheng
  Group Dance: Book Dance 书简舞 Jade Dance Team
  Women’s Vocal Duets: Hawthorn Tree 山楂树 Voice of Spring Singing Group 春之声艺术团
  Children Group Dai Dance: Flowers 花儿(傣族) Winnie Chinese Dance
  Chinese Rose Princess Oceana Blue Productions
  Group Folk Dance: 阿瓦新歌(瓦族) East Dream Dance Troupe 东方舞艺术团
  Hip Hop Street Dance Phoenix Dunn
  Hip Hop Street Dance John Torres
  Violin & Cello & Group Dance: Gabriel’s Oboe Good Time Chinese School
  Group Dance: Woman Flower 女人花 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Yangqin: Pipa 扬琴: 琵琶吟 Good Time Chinese School
  Group Mongolian Dance: 画你 温哥华茉莉花舞队 (Vancouver Jasmine Dancing Troupe)
  Martial Arts 集体武术表演 Good Time Chinese School
Section III 3:00pm-6:00pm  
  Group Drumming & Dancing: Rigorous Splendor 象王行 Hua Mu Lan Drum Team 花木兰大鼓队 & Jade Dance Team
  Solo Dai Dance: Spirit 傣族舞:灵 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Hanfu Show: Dreams of Chang’an 汉服表演:梦回长安 Phoenix Hanfu Team
  Pop Dance: Reflection by Fifth Harmony Emily Shang & Kirby Williams
  Group Dance: The Friend One is Longing For 秋水伊人 WLDG (West Linn Dance Group)
  Cantonese Opera (Yueju) 粵剧:曲音樂演奏 Yat Sing Music Club 粵聲音樂社
  Group Dance: 山楂树之恋 (扇舞) Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Chinese Yoyo Performenc 空竹表演 Dragonfly Chinese Yoyo Team
  Group Dance: Beaded Curtain 卷珠帘 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
  Kids Group Dance: Butterfly & Explosive Courage 蝴蝶 & 勇气大爆发 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Guzheng: Maiden’s Love, Big Fish 古筝:女儿情,大鱼 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Group Mongolian Dance: 画你 WLDG (West Linn Dance Group)
  Children Group Uighur & Dai Dances 维吾尔族 傣族 舞蹈 Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Dance: Awakening of Tang Figurine 唐印 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Group Dance: 山丹丹花开红艳艳 Portland Chinese Dancing Troupe
  Martial Arts 集体武术表演 US Wushu Center/OHCS Wushu Team
  Children Group Singing Sofia Lupyr & DAWN summer camp students from Ukriaian Community

Schedule is subject to change

Food Vendor Lineup

Name Category
Mandarin House 京华楼 Barbecued Pork Buns, Steamed Dumplings, Spring Rolls
Wheat Bay Chinese Restaurant 成都名小吃 Beef Pancake, Carlic Cucumber Salad, Special Chili Potatoes, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Little Beijing 北京小馆 JianBing 煎饼果子,BingFen 冰粉,Cold Noodle
Red Robe Tea House & Cafe 大红袍 Sichuan Noodle, Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, Bubble Tea, Tea
Home Tastes 家乡味 Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭,Spam Musubi, Spinrg Rolls
LoLo S San Xiang 十三乡 Pot Stickers, Jian Bao, Lam Skewers, Buba Tea

Kids Friendly Hands-on Craft Activities

Category Activity Table
Physical Diabolo/抖空竹 Floor
  Shuttlecock Kicking/踢毽子 Floor
  Turn Handkerchief/转手帕 Floor
  Taiji/太极 Floor
Brain Teaser China Ring/九连环 1
  Burr Puzzle/鲁班锁 1
  Klotski/华容道 1
  Tangram/七巧板 1
Cultural Chinese Calligraphy/毛笔字 2
  Ink Painting/水墨画 2
  Paper Cutting/剪纸 3
  Origami/折纸 3
  DIY Lanterns and Fans/手工制作灯笼和扇子 4
  Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage/传统文化体验 5
  Costume Photo Booth/古装拍照 6
DIY DIY Red Lanterns/制作灯笼 freestanding tent
  DIY Fan with Painting/制作扇子 freestanding tent

Gifts Vendor Lineup

Culture Specific Gifts & Clothing from XK Gift Shop

Artists’ Booth

11am - 2pm: Yanan Dai (Chinese Ink Studio)
2pm - 6pm: Emma Ying
11am - 6pm: Stella Wang, et al

Artwork Display and Demonstration by Chinese Artists

Public Health Outreach and Education

Service Partner
Cancer screenings, clinical trials and other related services Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU
Test Genetic Ancestry & Risk for Certain Hereditary Diseases NIH All of Us Research Program
Information about Chinese Medicine and OCOM Clinics & Demonstration Auricular Acupuncture Treatments Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM)
Environmental Health Services Fish Safety Multnomah County Health Department
No Smoking No Vaping Pledge Campaign Oregon Chinese Coalition
Mental Health Education and Programs OCC Mental Health Peer Support Group

Community Partner Lineup

Energy Trust
Oregon Toll Program, Oregon Department of Transportation
Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division, Oregon Department of Justice
Metro Parks, Protected Areas, Community Projects, Metro
Lan Su Chinese Garden

Festival Sponsors

Energy Trust
Portland General Electric, PGE
NW Natural
Multnomah County Public Health
Oregon Health & Science University, OHSU
Oregon Department of Transportation, ODOT
NIH All of Us Research Program
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, OCOM
Pioneer Courthouse Square

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