Oregon International Ballet Academy 俄勒冈国际芭蕾舞蹈学校

A message from Xuan and Ye:

Classical ballet technique is the soul to any physical art form. We are not only teaching ballet, we are creating an environment for student’s confidence and untapped potential for beauty to be nurtured. OIBA’s teaching method is based on the Vaganova Method combined with our personal experiences dancing around the world. Teaching through explanation and clear demonstration, we inspire students to focus and find their own voice in dance. We want to see each child maintain their innocence and joy as they grow to achieve the highest level of technical proficiency.

*Oregon International Ballet Academy is a non-profit organization.

Our Mission

We believe that we are not only teaching Ballet, but we are passing on beauty, confidence, health, love and responsibility! Inspiring the students to reach their dreams and future!

Our aim is not only to be a great institution but a warm international family. We want to use our past experiences and connections to give our students a platform to perform on stages around the world, allowing each individual an opportunity to explore a similar journey of their own happiness on stage.