Pacific Violin Academy 海韵小提琴学校

Pacific Violin Academy provides comprehensive structural violin curriculum affiliated with the American String Teachers Association Certification Advancement Program. Students graduate from the program will be certified with national standard as prove of their achievement.

Pacific Violin Academy also trains exceptional talented students interested in the Portland Youth Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, the ASTA honor recitals, local master classes, and competitions in the Nova Program.

海韵小提琴学校提供全面系统性的小提琴训练课程。参与美国弦乐教师协会考级项目。通过此项目的学生都得到美国全国水准证书, 证明和表彰学生的成就。“新星项目”是专业性培养有音乐天分的学生有兴趣参加波特兰青少年交响乐团,大师课,比赛等活动。