Designed by Fiona Wang, recent graduate of Sunset High School.

We are committed to downtown Portland for our biggest cultural event in the Chinese American community. Just as we will not give up on Chinatown with its rich heritage, we will be here when Portland needs us the most to help restore the vibrant life we were once proud of.

Proud Festival Sponsors

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We need your help to make our events successful! If you’re interested in volunteering, please sign up using the link below. Your support is crucial, and we have a variety of roles available to fit your skills and interests.

Volunteer Sign-Up Link: Volunteer Sign-Up
Hanfu Models Wanted for Chinese Festival: Sign-Up

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Don’t miss out on our exclusive festival T-shirt, designed by Sunset High School graduate Fiona Wang. The design is unique and perfectly captures the spirit of the festival. Proceeds from the T-shirt sales will help cover the event’s costs.

Pre-order Price (before July 14): $15
On-site Price: $20

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Masters of Ceremony

Section I

Meilan Xu

Lucas Zhang

Section II

Emily Jiang

Section III

Allison Hu

Audrey Hu

Stage Performances

Time Program Presented By
Section I 11:00am-12:45pm  
  Welcome Speech MC
  Opening High Pole Lion Dance White Lotus Dragon &Lion Dance
  Group Dance: 敦煌舞 温哥华苿莉花舞队 Vancouver Jasmine Dance Troupe
  Chinese Yoyo Performence 花好月圆 Dragonfly Chinese Yoyo Team
  Dance: Love Novel 卜卦 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Folk Song: 月牙湾 Tingting Hou
  Group Dance: 雨涧春行图 Jade Dance Team
  Violin Solo: Butterfly Lovers 梁祝 Erin Qiu
  Group Mongolian Dance: 乌兰巴托的夜 Salem Golden Willow Chinese Dance Team
  Dance and Singing: 城市之光 Huanyue Group 欢悦组合
  Group Dance: 碇步桥 温哥华苿莉花舞队 Vancouver Jasmine Dance Troupe
  Group Dance: 日不落 Portland Karaoke Group 波特兰K歌组
  Group Fan Dance: 大鱼 Jade Dance Team
  Guzhen: 茉莉花 + 荷塘月色 Lulu Guzheng Studio
  Group Dance: Sun Rise 日出 温哥华苿莉花舞队 Vancouver Jasmine Dance Troupe
  Taiji:Yang Style 14 Forms Taiji Group
  Children Group Dance: Elsa Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Folk Dance: Fearless 霍元甲 East Dream Dance Troupe 东方舞艺术团
  Group Dance: Rhyme of Melody 旋律之歌 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
Section II 1:00pm-3:15pm  
  Group Chinese Drumming: Opening Drum & 喜龙春 Hua Mu Lan Drum Team 花木兰大鼓队
  Group Dance: Magnificent Yangzhou 风流扬州 East Dream Dance Troupe 东方舞艺术团
  Woman’s Vocal Solo: 芦花 Chunxiang Singing Group 李春香歌唱班
  Chinese Folk Dance Winnie Chinese Dance
  Guzhen: 青城山下白素贞 + 渡情 Lulu Guzheng Studio
  Group Dance: Dunhuang Apsaras 飞天 Portland Chinese Dance Troupe
  Instrument & Singing & Group Dance: Speak Now + I can’t help falling in love with you Good Time Chinese School
  Children Group Dance: The Legend of Mrs Bai + Jasmine Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Dance: 格桑拉 Salem Golden Willow Chinese Dance Team
  Women’s Vocal Duets: 夏天里最后一朵玫瑰 Chunxiang Singing Group 李春香歌唱班
  Group Dance: Folk Dance of Jasmine 西域公主 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Chinese Rose Princesses Chinese Youth and Women Organization
  Classical Dance: 纸扇书生 Laura & Junchao
  Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance: Coppelia Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Medley of Folk Song from Prairies 草原民歌集曲 + Les Miserables Medley Pacific Violin Academy
  Group Dance: Once a Fairy Tale 枕边童话 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Guzhen: 虫儿飞 Lulu Guzheng Studio
  Children Group Folk Dance Winnie Chinese Dance
  Group Dance: Confucius 孔子 Portland Chinese Dance Troupe
  Dance: Logical Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Ribbon Dance Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
Section III 3:30pm-6:00pm  
  Group Chinese Drumming: Opening Drum & 权御天下 Hua Mu Lan Drum Team 花木兰大鼓队
  Group Dance: Fragrance of Flowers 花语 YZ Dance Studio 悦姿舞蹈工作室
  Jazz Saxphone Duet Brayden and Devon (PDX Jazz Cats)
  Rhythmic Dance: Cupid Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Rhythmic Gymnastics: Rhyrthmic Hits Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy
  Taiji:Wu Style 108 Forms 微鸣
  Classical Dance: 雨中花 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Guzheng: 云水禅心 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Hanfu Show Phoenix Hanfu Team
  Violin & Cello Duets: Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台 Musication 乐育
  Group Tibetan Dance: 次仁拉索 Oregon Hope Chinese School
  Therapeutic Taiji Sunset Taiji & Health Center 夕阳红太极与健康文化中心
  Guzhen: 卜卦 + 大鼓 Lulu Guzheng Studio
  Dance: 梨花颂 Huanyue Group 欢悦组合
  Martial Arts 集体武术表演 US Wushu Center/OHCS Wushu Team

About 530 performers on stage. Schedule is subject to change

Food Vendor Lineup

Name Category
Mandarin House 京华楼 Barbecued Pork Buns, Steamed Dumplings, Spring Rolls
Wheat Bay Chinese Restaurant 成都名小吃 Beef Pancake, Carlic Cucumber Salad, Special Chili Potatoes, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Little Beijing 北京小馆 JianBing 煎饼果子,BingFen 冰粉,Cold Noodle
Red Robe Tea House & Cafe 大红袍 Sichuan Noodle, Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, Bubble Tea, Tea
Home Tastes 家乡味 Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭,Spam Musubi, Spinrg Rolls
LoLo S San Xiang 十三乡 Pot Stickers, Jian Bao, Lam Skewers, Buba Tea

Kids Friendly Hands-on Craft Activities

Category Activity Table
Physical Diabolo/抖空竹 Floor
  Shuttlecock Kicking/踢毽子 Floor
  Turn Handkerchief/转手帕 Floor
  Taiji/太极 Floor
Brain Teaser China Ring/九连环 1
  Burr Puzzle/鲁班锁 1
  Klotski/华容道 1
  Tangram/七巧板 1
Cultural Chinese Calligraphy/毛笔字 2
  Ink Painting/水墨画 2
  Paper Cutting/剪纸 3
  Origami/折纸 3
  DIY Lanterns and Fans/手工制作灯笼和扇子 4
  Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage/传统文化体验 5
  Costume Photo Booth/古装拍照 6
DIY DIY Red Lanterns/制作灯笼 freestanding tent
  DIY Fan with Painting/制作扇子 freestanding tent

Gifts Vendor Lineup

Culture Specific Gifts & Clothing

Hanfu (Traditional Chinese Clothing) Booth

Observe makeup, hairstyling, and hanfu dressing
Place orders to buy your own hanfu
Showcase the beauty of hanfu: past event 1 , past event 2

Hanfu models wanted for Chinese Festival: Sign-Up

Public Health Outreach and Education

Service Partner
Cancer screenings, clinical trials and other related services Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU
Environmental Health Services Fish Safety Multnomah County Health Department
No Smoking No Vaping Pledge Campaign and Nicotine Gum Giveaway Oregon Chinese Coalition
HPV Vaccination Education and Survey Oregon Chinese Coalition
Air Conditioner Distribution and Installation for Seniors and High-Risk Populations Oregon Chinese Coalition


Nicotine Gum (for tobacco cessation)
Chinese Books
Women Evening Gowns (donated by local business. adult sizes only.)

While supplies last

Community Partner Tabling

Energy Trust
Lan Su Chinese Garden
Multnomah County Library
Portland Police Bureau

Festival Sponsors

NW Natural
Portland General Electric, PGE
Multnomah County Public Health
Energy Trust
PacificSource Health Plan
Pioneer Courthouse Square

Official Festival T-Shirt

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