Congratulations to the following fifty-six (56) outstanding teens and young adults from our community OCC has helped certify to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) and the Community Volunteer Service Award (CVSA). Together they have completed 7,490 volunteer hours in a single year!

They not only participated in the community services, but also initiated new projects at schools and took on leadership role in their daily life. Through volunteering they were able to engage with their communities at deeper and personal level. The engagement in turn helped them to find their sense of belonging, to connect and to claim their Chinese American identity with pride. They have never felt so strongly about volunteerism and serving the Chinese American community.

These awards acknowledge the individuals whose services have positively impacted the communities and inspired those around them to act. The Oregon Chinese Coalition is honored to have the opportunity to help community youth earn this well-deserved recognition.

Community Volunteer Service Award

(PVSA Equivalent Award for Non-Resident Volunteers)


2021 PVSA Recipients
2020 PVSA Recipients
2019 PVSA Recipients

2019 Students in BSD were recognized by School District School Board