2021 Community Winter Drive

Date: November 20, 2020 Saturday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Place: Tentatively 9 drop off locations across State of Oregon

Flyer School/Location Spot if Specified
  :one: Sunset High School Outside school main entrance
:page_facing_up: :two: Stoller Middle School  
:page_facing_up: :three: Bethany Village QFC parking lot
:page_facing_up: :four: Lake Oswego High School Westlake Park (next to play structure)
:page_facing_up: :page_facing_up: :five: Forest Park Elementary School, NW Portland  
  :six: Woodstock Elementary, SE Portland On south side of the building
  :seven: Chang Fa FA Supermarket in SE 82nd Ave  
:page_facing_up: :eight: Hamilton Park, Bridlemile, SW Portland  
  :nine: Kennedy Middle School, Eugene  

2021 OCC Donation Receipt

Student Volunteers

Entirely run by students from local schools. To join, please register here.

Name/Drop Off Location School/Organization
:one: Sunset High School  
Jason Fu Sunset High School
Alice Song Jacob Wismer Elementary
Eleanor Song Sunset High School
Reina Wang Sunset High School
Alley Wu Valley Catholic High School
:two: Stoller Middle School  
Elsa Fan Sunset High School
Michael Fu Stoller Middle School
Theo Guo Jesuit High School
Jayden Mei Tumwater Middle School
Joanna Mei Sunset High School
Steven Niu Catlin Gabel School
Brayden Wang Westview High School
Lucas Wang International School of Beaverton
Alley Wu Valley Catholic High School
Derek Yan Stoller Middle School
Winston Zhang Stoller Middle School
:three: Bethany Village QFC parking lot
Ethan Qin Westview High School
Anthony Qin Westview High School
Daniel Xian Catlin Gabel School
Alice Yu Valley Catholic Middle School
Ethan Zhang Westview High School
Lucas Zhang Stoller Middle School
:four: Lake Oswego High School  
Annie Cai Lakeridge High School
Breanna Li St. Mary Academy
Kun Li Westgside Christian
Leon Liu Catlin Gabel School
Renee Liu Lake Oswego High School
Sophia Wang Lake Oswego High School
Zitong Wang River Grove Elementary
Yuxuan Xiao Lakeridge High School
Amy Zou Lakeridge High School
Qianyi Zou Lakeridge High School
:five: Forest Park Elementary School  
Eric Chen Access Academy
Jenny Chen Lincoln High School
Kyle Chen Lincoln High School
Andrea Lan Lincoln High School
Zhi Qu Oregon Episcopal School
Zong Qu Cedar Mill Elementary
Austin Yan Lincoln High School
Faye Zhang Lincoln High School
Jerry Zhou Oregon Episcopal School
Maggie Zhou University of Washington
:six: Woodstock Elementary  
Alexander Cai Woodstock Elementary
Evan Wei Woodstock Elelmentary
:seven: Chang Fa FA Supermarket in SE 82nd Ave  
:eight: Hamilton Park  
Jasper Xu Bridlemile Elemantary
Oscar Xu Bridlemile Elemantary
:nine: Kennedy Middle School  
Qianying (Lydia) Li Roosevelt Middle School
Kieran Priest Chinese Immersion School
Liam Priest Spencer Butte Middle School
Jayden Haoqian Yu Chinese Immersion School
Yunyan Zhang Spencer Butte Middle School

Donation Items

Clothing – What people need most in winter is warm clothes.

Socks, jackets, shoes, hand warmers, hats, mittens, scarves, pants, shirts, belt, new underwear.

Office appropriate clothing for men and women for interviews and new jobs.

Non-Perishable food

Canned foods, dried goods, grains.

Household products

Bed linens (single or twin preferred), blankets, and pillows.

Basic kitchen items: specifically pots, pans, cutlery, dishes, and can openers.

Baby and toddler clothing, diapers, baby wipes, blankets, car seats (new), strollers, and maternity clothes.

Holiday gifts and gift cards for children living in our alcohol- and drug-free family housing.

Hygiene products – Toiletries are also always needed because you can’t use food stamps to buy any of it.

Soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, feminine hygiene items, toilet paper, etc.

Agencies to Receive our Donations

Clay Street Table
Transition Projects (Donation Item List)
White Bird Clinic


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